Lawn Mowing Tips For Healthier Lawns

Mowing lawns can look like a fairly easy activity, and in essence that is after all true. For the garden care skilled although, there’s a lot extra concerned in mowing lawns appropriately, not simply to attain a fantastic trying carpet of inexperienced as soon as the mowing is accomplished, however in understanding that how a garden is often mowed additionally performs a big issue within the general well being of the turf itself. Sure, mowing practices do have a direct well being outcome to the garden when both carried out appropriately or incorrectly.

Once we take into consideration what we will do and alter with garden mowing practices, there actually are solely two elements that come into play. The primary is how lengthy we maintain the leaf of the turf when mowing, and the second is the frequency of the garden mowing service. And it’s from these two practices that we will vastly alter the well being of our lawns for the higher or for the more severe.

Conserving Lawns With A Lengthy Leaf

Photosynthesis is the method of lawns and vegetation which takes direct daylight and makes use of that vitality to create meals for the garden or plant out of the out there vitamins within the soil. The longer the leaf of the garden, immediately will increase the quantity of meals the turf can then produce for itself to remain wholesome and robust. Whereas a garden which is mowed at very low heights can produce a lot much less meals, and thus these lawns would require far higher consideration to their general well being, or in any other case danger turning into sick and even prone to doable demise of the garden.

With this information, we will then simply see that lawns that are topic to partial shaded situations might want to have their leaf saved longer than a garden which is being grown in full solar. The partial shaded turf requires an extended leaf to energy extra photosynthesis with much less direct daylight. Whereas a garden in full solar can simply have its leaf size saved a lot shorter and nonetheless keep the identical stage of photosynthesis and meals manufacturing.

Subsequently, this garden mowing tip is a fairly easy one to know and regulate to, and is one thing which may have a significant impression on the well being of our turf, simply within the easy truth of how lengthy we maintain the garden leaf underneath totally different direct daylight or shade situations.

Frequency Of Garden Mowing

Whereas garden mowing is usually a chore for a lot of busy folks, and one thing which we’re all responsible of laying aside for too lengthy generally, common garden mowing can be necessary for general garden well being.

The primary cause for sustaining common garden mowing is that if we depart lawns to develop into too lengthy between Mowing, then the thatch layer will improve within the garden, and the crowns of the turf will elevate larger… which when finally mowed, can simply trigger garden scalping or having the garden dying off in areas the place the crowns of the garden have been eliminated when mowing. Leaving lawns too lengthy between mowing is at all times a excessive danger of inflicting garden injury when the turf is lastly mowed.

Whereas the above instance is a worst case state of affairs of leaving lawns for much too lengthy in between mowing, even common mowing ought to be given cautious consideration as to frequency.

Whereas common upkeep ensures that not an excessive amount of leaf materials is eliminated at any single service, which then retains the garden trying greener and with out even delicate scalping, there’s yet one more issue to think about as to the timing of slicing our lawns… which is mulch mowing.

Mulch mowing is after we put a plug into the rear of a specifically designed garden mower, which as an alternative of gathering the grass clippings, sends those self same clippings by the blades of the mower a number of occasions to finely chop them into very small items, earlier than depositing those self same clippings again into the garden.

Mulch mowing is an excellent option to feed the garden with its personal provide of vitamins, in addition to insulating the garden soil from extreme moisture loss in hotter climate. Mowing extra often will guarantee these grass clippings will likely be minimize up even finer and will likely be in much less amount, which then permits this pure mulch to interrupt down into the garden soil far more shortly. So the general mulching course of is vastly extra environment friendly when the garden is being mowed extra usually.


Whereas there are various elements concerned in retaining any garden inexperienced and wholesome, one of many least considered issues of this course of is the common-or-garden garden mower, which we infrequently consider as a garden care software that may enhance garden well being by itself. Nevertheless we will see clearly how simply two small adjustments to how we mow our lawns can have super advantages on our garden well being.

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