Learn about vital currencies of the Marvel Contest of Champions

Learn about vital currencies of the Marvel Contest of Champions

Fighting games are reaching on the higher level day by day, and one of the top viral games is the Marvel Contest of Champions. The game is all about multiplayer battles, and we need to unlock some amazing heroes like superman, ironman, iconic hulk, and more. We will get the victory by smashing more battles and tasks. Make your perfect squad for surviving long in the game, and for it, we can start with facebook login. The game is easy to install, and you can download it by Playstore or official game website.

Types and uses of currency:

A massive amount of currency is essential for many tasks, and you should not waste the currency. If you are radical for more amount of currency, then you can prefer some free tools. Unit is the main currency of it, but crystals are also important for gameplay. Here you will get a full guide about each kind of currencies.


Units are a quick source of managing all of the other resources, and we have to concern about it. You can anytime get units for playing long, and we can purchase some powers, energies, and more things by spending the currency. In the beginnings some free amount of units we will receive.


Crystals are especially for heroes, and such currency is helpful for getting new gadgets and powers. Never skip some easy methods for getting the right amount of currency. Join some live events and compete in some quests.